The self sustaining food system Aquaponics provides you with your own circular food process.

The term Aquaponics is formed by a contraction of two words: aquaculture (fish farming installations) and hydroponics (a method of growing plants in water). Think of Aquaponics as a pile of trays. The top tray contains a layer of clay balls on which one can grow herbs and vegetables. The clay balls purify the water while it trickles down to the fish in the lower tray. The faeces of the fish subsequently feed the plants above, creating a sort of symbiotic relationship between the plants and the fish. As this technique can increase food yield per square meter by more than tenfold, it might be a solution for densely populated countries and cities. This food cycle needs little extra water once the trays are filled and may therefore also be interesting for those countries that suffer from food and water deprivation.

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