#Healthy eating starts by looking at your daily diet. Check out the #FAME program

Cooking class for the whole family

FAME, Food As Medicine Every Day, is a program set up by the institute with the same name that offers twelve-week courses at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine campus in Portland, Oregon. Classes aren’t divided by level or age: the common goal is to improve the health and vitality of every American. These cooking classes teach you which techniques retain the most nutrients and which ingredients are the most nutritious in general. 

Budgeting is learning

With processed food, it is hard to notice how much salt and sugar is in what you eat. Put on the apron yourself, and you can be the one who controls what goes in your mouth. Participants are handed recipes you can make for less than $2.50 a portion. Meat and processed foods are replaced by legumes, cereal and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Products that keep longer such as onions, sweet potatoes, frozen fruit and vegetables are also included.

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