Now there is so much plastic piled up at our garbage dumps; in response MonoSol invented a plastic-like wrapper which dissolves upon contact with water.

This discovery is particularly useful for products that would come in contact with water upon preparation anyway. Therefore, MonoSol devised packaging for products like oatmeal, tea, hot chocolate instant coffee and soup. Jon Gallagher, MonoSol’s product development manager explains: 'Once there’s water penetration, the molecular bonds loosen up.' The packaging, which looks like plastic, falls apart upon contact with water. Once the packaging has dissolved it completely disappears and is safe for consumption.

The discovery is officially called 'edible film' and is widely applicable. Besides food, it could also be used to package cleaning products. But the technology goes further: the packaging can even have a flavor. What about a marshmallow-flavored wrapping for hot chocolate? Or milk-and-sugarflavored coffee sachets? Chefs could use the packaging for spice mixes to ensure that dishes always contain the same amount of seasoning.

Watch the video to see how oatmeal is wrapped in MonoSol film.

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